Better Bubbles for a Better World

Better Bottle

Simple—Our truly reusable bottles allow for easy, mess-free refills. Bottles that are fully transparent make the refill process seamless—just measure concentrate and add water to the refill line on the bottle for instant bubbles. 

Safe—Non-toxic, paraben free product that gives parents peace of mind. Shatter-proof bottles that won’t break when dropped or knocked over.

Sustainable—Reusable bottles cut plastic production and waste. With every purchase, we donate to Ocean Conservancy, helping to create a better world.  ◦

Save—Cutting plastic production helps protect and preserve our oceans. Our reusable bottles enable you to save—when you need a refill, just purchase additional concentrate.

Better Solution

Safe —non toxic, fragrance free, paraben free, sulfate free, Phthalate free, 

Sustainable - All ingredients for the solution are on the EPA saft list. 

Reusability - Single use concentrate refill packs, just add water for instant bubbles. 100% recyclable, no mess, convenient. No more worrying about spills!

Better World

A staggering 91% of plastic isn’t recycled—and a majority of that waste ends up in the ocean. Better Bubbles believes you can be part of the solution, and our product helps get you there.

- Refillable bottles help to significantly reduce plastic waste.

- With every purchase, we donate to Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans from plastic pollution.

  • Shop Refill Kit

    Product description: 6 refill packs, 2 bubble wands

    Reduces plastic production and waste by saving 6 bottles

  • Shop Starter Kit

    (1) 6 oz pre-filled bottle, 3 refill packs, 2 bubble wands

    Durable, refillable transparent bottle cuts plastic waste

  • Shop Concentrate

    25 refills of earth friendly bubble solution in one box of concentrate.

    One refill box saves over 37 bottles (4 oz) from the ocean, reducing plastic production and waste.

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  • Eco-Friendly Solution

  • Resusable Bottle

    Buy Once and Refill

  • Ocean Clean Up